Artist Statement

I have arranged my studio practice around the traditional, often figurative and romantic notions of beauty in painting. This serves as my backdrop to elevate the everyday. My aesthetic choices marry high art and the quotidian to create a new narrative. I amplify a conversation between the commonplace of contemporary objects and the luxury of historical painting. This contrariety is where my work finds its legs, showing the splendor and humor in the painted image.


Text – The text puts the viewer in a position where they become part of the work. The “reader” performs the piece and therefore intertwined with the compositional elements.

The color pink – I consider the color pink metaphoric—it can be bodily, sensual, gross and dramatic, and I use it as such.

Pixelation – The pixelation/grid relationship address artifice—it reflects the way mathematics and technology are used to create a facsimile of nature.