• Seeing the Unseeable

    Seeing the Unseeable

    (photo courtesy of Carrie Johnson)
    A group exhibition at the Atlantic Gallery in New York, NY. 2020.

    In 1947, Mark Rothko wrote: “Pictures must be miraculous: the instant one is completed, the intimacy between the creation and the creator is ended. He is an outsider. The picture must be for him, as for anyone experiencing it later, a revelation…”

    The artist makes the work and the viewer sees it consciously and unconsciously without knowing quite how.

  • Hypothetical Function

    Hypothetical Function

    A group exhibition at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah, GA. 2020.

    Hypothetical Function is a group show of objects and images by artists who interrogate utility in art, examining our relationship with and the function of aesthetics and design. From Marcel Duchamp to Andy Warhol, artists in the 20th century challenged what art is, its utility, and its potential to transcend material reality. Similarly, artists in Hypothetical Function explore notions of use, frivolity, and purpose in art, and how the participation of viewers has the potential to activate their works.

  • Faking Pink Flowers

    Faking Pink Flowers

    A solo exhibition at the Workshop Gallery in Vineyard Haven, MA. 2019.

    Faking Pink Flowers is a solo exhibition organized around Raphael’s Madonna of the Pinks. It re interprets the decisions made in that painting, stealing those tennis-ball greens that Raphael used in the landscape and pushing the idea of the word Pink as phenomenon. I have dissected the symbol of the flowers by either using text to create my own circumstance for that element, or using the Camouflage paintings to induce a spiritual and/or hallucinatory feel. I consider the whole show as one larger experience, hanging the figurative paintings next to the patterned work and layering each elements of the show. The experience and content of the aforementioned masterwork are repurposed and exploded in a rebelliously everyday point of view. My Dog is the Madonna in some paintings and the pink flowers can be duct-taped text in others.

  • Absurd Constructions of Dialogue

    Absurd Constructions of Dialogue

    A solo exhibition at the Workshop Gallery in Vineyard Haven, MA. 2018.

  • SCOPE: Miami

    SCOPE: Miami

    Represented by Galerie C.O.A. Montreal, QC. 2015.

  • SCOPE: New York

    SCOPE: New York

    Represented by Galerie C.O.A. Montreal, QC. 2015.

  • Play


    A group exhibition at Galerie C.O.A. in Montreal, QC. 2015.

  • Users


    A solo exhibition at the AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA. 2012.

    Users is a show about illusion and the notion of beauty in painting. It creates a conversation between the memory bank of history and the experimentation of contemporary aesthetics. It is a didactic presentation that raises questions on beauty and art, rather than making declarations. It allows narrative to take on new forms according to the perceptual ebb and flow of an audience. I want the viewer to bring information to a painting in order to complete the experience.
    * Note: The text element puts viewers in a position where they can become a part of the work. The “reader” becomes a performer of the piece and therefore intertwined with its compositional elements. This relationship also serves as the figurative element in some works.

  • Over Consumption / Under Construction

    Over Consumption / Under Construction

    A group exhibition at Mr. Beast Gallery in Savannah, GA. 2011.

  • Natural Artifice

    Natural Artifice

    A solo exhibition at the Richard Demato Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY. 2011.

  • A Plastic Farm Reflection

    A Plastic Farm Reflection

    A solo exhibition at the Little Beasts Gallery in Savannah, GA. 2011.